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BandGrip® Micro-Anchor® Skin Closure is a sterile, breathable, hypoallergenic adhesive bandage and medical device made of conformable reinforced micro-porous, non-woven material that supports the skin and holds skin edges together temporarily to aid wound healing.


Patient: BandGrip® heals wounds 50% faster
Surgeon: Spend less time in the OR. 
5x faster closing

Broad Usage

Can be applied by a wide range of health care professionals


Reduces infections.
Expands and contracts with patient’s swelling.
Less complications for surgeon and patient


Revolutionary Micro Anchors securely grip the skin during critical healing 10 patents pending/provisional

Simple & Intuitive

DIY patient removal via telehealth.  
Efficient and convenient process for surgeon and patient

Supports Ambulation

Improves patient experience both in recovery and at home on their own. 
Brings bring patients a sense of normalcy and confidence