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Top surgeons have adopted BandGrip® Micro-Anchor® Skin Closures as the latest advancement in wound closure systems.

Our new wound closure offers many benefits to the patients, as well as to the surgeons.

  • First, BandGrip helps the surgical team close incisions faster, which means patients spend less time under anesthesia and are less susceptible to the complications of surgery. 

  • Second, the closure is transparent, so patients and surgeons can watch the pinched skin underneath the bandage heal and check for any infections. 

  • Third, there is no pain in removing BandGrip like there often is with sutures and staples. In some cases, patients can even remove BandGrip themselves, avoiding an unnecessary visit back to the office. 

  • And finally, the cosmetic results are better compared to other closure methods.  




Micro-Anchor® Skin Closure

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